How She Paid for Her MBA

Federal loans, private loans

Her Story

Molly took out $20,000 in public loans and another $50,000 in private ones, well below the estimated student budget. Halfway through the school year, she wished she had borrowed the full amount and was exploring options to take out additional loans.

She had realized that travel costs would exceed the recommended student budget, but underestimated how much. She hadn’t accounted for social student trips, such as skiing, winter treks, and spring break. In addition, she found that significant travel costs associated with the recruiting process that should be included. “For investment banking recruiting, this involves transportation to NYC every Friday, as well as airfare/lodging for regional recruiting treks (for example, visiting San Francisco / Houston offices),” said Molly, who is from Massachusetts but was living in New York prior to Wharton.

She advises students to take out the maximum available from the outset and meeting with financial services early to prevent problems later.


Lakeville, MA

Marketing & Operations Management

Previous Education
Syracuse University, BS, Accounting and Finance; Syracuse University, MS, Accounting

Previous Career
Associate, Goldman Sachs