How He Paid for His MBA

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His Story

As an international student from India, Venkat was provided with a list of scholarships that he could apply for, including scholarships in his own country, as well as international scholarships. His first recommendation to other foreign students is “to start applications for these scholarships in advance.”

Venkat financed his Wharton MBA with his savings from his previous job and by borrowing the remaining amount from Quorum International Student loans. An international student can borrow up to 80% of the entire amount (tuition + room and board) from Quorum, and needs to finance the remaining 20% on his/her own. “I also received a scholarship from a trust in India for an amount which will enable me to undertake one of the global immersion programs at Wharton,” he explains. “Usually, the cost of these is around $4k-$5k for visiting one country (including the airfare and accommodations). Students who are keen on doing these programs need to budget for this, since this isn’t included in the student budget that is sent by the school.”

Venkat’s words of advice for incoming students? “First, save as much as you can in your job. And second, apply for all scholarships that you are eligible for. Many people aren’t usually aware of the scholarships, and hence it is a good idea to speak to the financial aid team at Wharton after getting selected, and figuring out which scholarships can you apply for. The documents on Wharton’s financial aid website are very comprehensive.”


Mumbai, India

Strategic Management

Previous Education
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, BTech, Chemical Engineering

Previous Career
Product Manager, ITC Limited; Investment Analyst, Unilazer Ventures