Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we receive from admitted students to the Wharton MBA Program.

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Welcome MBA FAQs

(Last Updated on July 10, 2020)

General Questions

Will tuition be frozen for the Wharton MBA 2020-2021 academic year?

The tuition fee has been frozen and students will not see an increase for the 2020-21 Academic year.

What do I do if I cannot access the Onboarding Checklist?

Students must create their PennKey and Wharton username (steps to do so are included in the Admit Checklist) before getting access to the checklist. There may be up to a 24-hour lag before they receive checklist access.

You may also visit the University of Pennsylvania PennKey website.

How can I stay up to date and connect with other admitted Wharton MBA students over the summer?

Wharton HQ will remain active throughout the summer. Please continue to log in for more events, Q&A sessions with MBA leadership, deadlines, program updates, and more.
The MBA Class of 2022: Start Your Journey site will also provide you access to the deadlines and forms you’ll need to prepare your academic journey.

When will our Wharton student health insurance will go into effect this fall?

The PSIP plan for the academic year 2019-2020 begins August 1, 2019 and ends on July 31, 2020. We anticipate no significant changes for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Please visit to learn more, or contact the Insurance Office at 215 746 3535 or with any questions.

Some information, such as undergrad transcripts, can't be verified at this time for some admits because colleges are closed in many countries. The deadline for application verification was early May. Given this situation, how can we have our information verified?

Please reach out to you’re the institutions that you have completed coursework with and inquire when they plan to reopen or if they have the ability to send official electronic transcripts directly to Wharton in lieu of a paper copy.

If your experiencing challenges please email the MBA Operations team at to explain the circumstances. Please provide a tentative date (if possible) on when we can expect to receive official transcripts. They will work with you during the verification process to make accommodations during these times.

What will our class size look like? Are students still enrolling, regardless of this difficult situation?

Yes! The Class of 2022 is full, diverse and exceptionally talented. Your class of 2022 remains the same size, as usual, robust and strong, you can also see that from all of the students live in HQ daily!

What if I am not able to submit my immunization records by the deadline?

Any students with questions regarding immunization compliance can contact the Immunization Compliance Office. All students enrolled in full-time programs are required to meet the University’s Immunization Requirements. Please tell any student who is worried about the deadline that they can still submit records and complete their forms after that time. They will still be able to register for classes.

We accept a wide variety of records and students should try and get any version of their immunization history that they can. We will review and determine if what they have sufficient or if any additional students would be required.

I am missing one of the required vaccines, but the vaccinations in my country will likely not be available before the deadline. How should I proceed?

Penn provides vaccination appointments if you aren’t able to get them before coming to campus. To learn more, please visit  You can also contact Student Health Services with any questions at 1-215-746-3535 or via email at

Are we able to enroll in the campus health insurance midway through the semester?

Yes, a student can enroll after the open enrollment period if they have a loss of health insurance.  The student would request a Qualifying Life Event application from the Student Health Insurance Office.  The application must be submitted along with a letter of termination from the current carrier within 31 days of the loss of coverage.


Will MGMT610 be taught in-person or virtually? Will any part of MGMT610 be pre-recorded?

This year, MGMT610 will be taught virtually. The collaborative simulation rounds, lectures by Wharton faculty, and feedback sessions that comprise MGMT610 will be completed and delivered synchronously. No part of MGMT610 will be pre-recorded.

Is there any significant change in course content compared to prior years?


What are the dates of MGMT610 and its final exam?

MGMT610 will begin on August 19th.

Class will meet every other weekday (August 19th, 21st, 24th, 26th, and the 28th.).

The exam will be a take home exam and the date is tentative at this time.

What will be happening on days when MGMT610 is not taking place?

There will be select course experiences on the days between the formal course and simulation sessions, as well as MBA Program sponsored co-curricular programming including advising and community building experiences.

I will be taking MGMT outside of the Eastern Time zone. How will MGMT610 accommodate my schedule?

The MBA Program Office will build your Learning Teams and MGMT610 schedule in accordance with the time zone in which you’ll be taking MGMT610.

Will fall semester classes follow the same delivery format as MGMT610?

MGMT610 is not part of the fall semester and its delivery format has no effect on that of the fall semester.

If my learning team is all located in the same geographic area, will we be able to meet in-person to work on MGMT610?

Your ability to meet in-person with your Learning Team will be governed by the course, school, and governmental policies in place during MGMT610.


When is Pre-term and how will it be held?

Pre-Term will be delivered virtually and the start date has moved from August 10, 2020 to August 15, 2020.

What is the fee for Pre-term?

The fee for Pre-Term will be reduced from $2,000 to $850 to reflect the new format.

What if I have a conflict for any Pre-Term sessions?

Should you have a time conflict with any part of Pre-Term, please submit this conflict request form.
Conflict Request Form

What will the new agenda be for Pre-Term now that it has gone virtual?

The Pre-Term agenda is now available.  You can also listen to Jeff Klein’s announcement in Wharton HQ.

When will students absolutely need to be on campus? Do you have any suggestions of when to start looking/signing a lease for housing?

This will depend on the makeup of the fall and the fall term start date (details forthcoming!), but the decision has been made to fun all of Wharton pre-term virtually, so you do not have to physically be in Philadelphia for the August 15th start of pre-term.

Would you recommend that students still try to be in Philadelphia during Pre-Term, even though it is virtual?

We love Philly and think you will, too, but ultimately, that is your decision!

Fall Semester

What are Wharton's plans for the Fall?

Wharton has started to announce plans and guidelines for the Fall.  This information can be found:

Academic FAQs

Does Wharton offer an opportunity to waive any courses?

Yes.  The Wharton Waiver Guide is a summary of all of the core classes that offer a waiver or placement option, and instructions on how to do so.
Waiver Guide: MBA Class of 2022

When will waiver and placement exams be offered?

Submission Deadlines for Waiver by Credential

Submission Deadline #1
Monday, June 15
11:59PM ET
Results will be returned June 26

Submission Deadline #2
Monday, July 13
11:59PM ET
Results will be returned July 31

Waiver Guide: MBA Class of 2022

Are there any costs to taking waiver exams and are there any limits to number of exams we can take?

No and no. Students can take any waiver exams for which they feel prepared, and there is no risk to doing so.

MBA Career Management

When can we begin scheduling meetings with career advisors?

MBACM advisors are eager to meet you, but we are currently focused on supporting WG’21 & WG’20 students who are actively recruiting or preparing to transition to new jobs. In July, advisors will be hosting industry overview sessions. One-on-one advising will start for WG’22s in August. Look for future posts in HQ (MBA Careers group) for info on when and how to sign up for your first advising appointment.

Will MBACM career programs and recruiting events be virtual in the Fall?

All MBACM programs and employer recruiting events managed through MBACM will be virtual through the Fall semester. This includes Employer Information Sessions and Coffee Chats, and any career education programs and recruiting skills workshops hosted by MBACM. We have not yet made any decisions about the Spring semester. We are not yet sure how offsite events will be managed (e.g., at company HQs). With regard to how companies are thinking about virtual vs. in-person recruiting strategies, the situation is very mixed. Some companies are being more cautious and have made the call to stay virtual through the fall (or longer), while others are holding off on making a decision as things evolve. At this point, we don’t have clear information on what policies and protocols will be in place for the University, at the City & State level, and for many of our employers. As information becomes more clear, we will update you.

What are some things I can do now / this summer to get ready for recruiting?

Please review the Onboarding Checklist and our posts in the Wharton HQ MBA Careers group for suggested career content (exploring MAP, taking CareerLeader) you can review this summer, as well as specific activities you can do to get ready for Pre-Term.


If granted a deferral will I be able to change my mind if my circumstances change?

Yes, we did not offer this option in previous years, but we will allow you 7 calendar days to either to accept the offer or not, but we will put a strict date on your decision date to be mindful of your potential fellow classmates on the waitlist. Please note: this is only applicable to U.S. citizens and permanent residents at this time. International passport holders should have submitted their official enrollment form on, or before, July 1, 2020.

Does timing impact deferral decisions, for example, submitting a request in May versus in July?

You should submit a deferral request if/when it works best for you and your family. The deadline for deferral requests is August 1, 2020. Please note: this is only applicable to U.S. citizens and permanent residents at this time. International passport holders should have submitted their official enrollment form on, or before, July 1, 2020. International passport holders who encounter an extreme emergency will be considered until August 1, 2020. However, Admissions cannot promise that it will be able to honor all requests and your enrollment decision may remain as is.

When will I get a status update? What is the estimated timeline?

Our desire in this process is to treat you as individuals. The Committee looks at the cases weekly. As we move towards August 1, the Committee will actively work to get you a decision within 7-10 calendar days of your submission. Please note, the 7-10 calendar days is from the time of submission, not your e-mail request to defer.

My status is pending, what does that mean?

We are continually reviewing deferral decisions and will render a decision as soon as we can.

Is there any information I can send to help the Committee make a decision?

If you have additional information that was not included in your initial submission you can send it via e-mail to However, if the Committee needs additional information, documentation, or has questions they will reach out to you directly.

What are my options if my deferral request is not granted?

If your deferral request is not granted you must choose whether to remain in the Class of 2022 or withdraw. Any student who chooses to withdraw after receiving a declined deferral decision will be issued a refund for the $2,000 enrollment deposit.

If I am International Student, I understand that I have until July 1st to submit my enrollment decision for the Class of 2022. If I decide on July 1st to defer is my submission automatic?

Yes! The decision is automatic and final upon submission.

Can I submit a deferral request if I'm having visa issues, experiencing illness or other issues?

Any student can submit a deferral request at any time and all deferral requests will be reviewed through August 1, 2020. We will continue to consider deferrals for all admitted students who are affected by illness, family circumstances, and other factors outside of their control. All deferrals are handled on a case-by-case basis and will be considered by the Admissions Committee throughout the summer.Please note: this is only applicable to U.S. citizens and permanent residents at this time. International passport holders should have submitted their official enrollment form on, or before, July 1, 2020. International passport holders who encounter an extreme emergency will be considered until August 1, 2020. However, Admissions cannot promise that it will be able to honor all requests and your enrollment decision may remain as is.

Is it possible to appeal a deferral decision?

Unfortunately, no – we do not allow for deferral appeals.

Can I talk to someone on the Deferral Committee to discuss my status?

Due to limited availability if your questions are time-sensitive, please send them to us via email. The Committee will follow-up in the order in which they are received. If your questions merit a call a staff member will contact you to coordinate a time to speak with you over the phone.

International Students

How will CPT work for international students starting the Wharton MBA virtually?

International passport holders enrolling in the Class of 2022 (regardless of location) will have the opportunity to enroll in the curricular practical training (CPT) internship track. This new track will allow students to put to work all the theory and knowledge learned in the first year at Wharton, and gain practical experience in your chosen field.

The internship track requires completion of an additional course in parallel to the internship, for example, completing a study project during the summer term. Students in the internship track will enroll in a credit-bearing course of .25 course units, and a faculty member overseeing the study project will identify the requirements. One example of such a requirement could include an internship term paper addressing the student’s learning objectives.

Completing the internship track of the Wharton MBA degree requires 19.25 course units. For international students choosing this track, completing the study project can also support curricular practical training (CPT).  

Students interested in pursuing this internship track can enroll in the track in September 2020. Please contact the MBA Academic Affairs team at with any questions.

The U.S. border is closed until at least June 21st. Is there any chance we can defer even later than end of June or early July? Some of us already have visas but can't physically get into the country.

We will work with you on this! You will be hearing from a member of our staff shortly that will start working with you on where you are in this process. Right now, any student can submit a deferral request until August 1, 2020. We will notify you immediately should this date change.

If international students who have decided to start the year virtually are able to get their visas earlier (mid-semester), would they be able to join then or would they need to wait until the spring?

If international students get their visas mid-fall semester (for example: November 1), then you will have to wait until the spring semester before arriving.

Will they have the option to start the fall semester and take courses online from outside the US if they cannot arrive in time?

Yes! Wharton will provide a full virtual option for students who cannot physically get here in the fall. If you have health concerns, then this option is available for you, as well.

Do international students require self-quarantine for two weeks after arrival if we successfully obtain a visa on time and are able to fly to Philly?

Great question, and one for which we do not have the answer just yet, but we will work on getting the answer ASAP!

I need to know the program start date for my I-20, when will the Wharton MBA program update this information?

We will be working with ISSS to input a date of September 1, 2020 as a program start date on all I-20s going forward in order to proactively address the changing landscape. We made this decision in conjunction with ISSS to accommodate the change in pre-term start date. No decision has yet been made by Wharton about the makeup of the fall. If you already have an I-20 with the previous date a new one will be mailed to you. This may be the first time you’re hearing this news, but you will be hearing it again from us via email and from ISSS themselves.

Can you elaborate more on what our best effort means for international students trying to obtain a deferral due to not getting a visa in time?

Best effort means that you are working through the process to formally obtain your visa until you are stopped by an external force that is outside of your control; the most common stopping point is the closure of consulates for visa appointments.

Can we still start the fall semester virtually, even if our visa status is pending?

Yes, you can!

Verification FAQs

What do I do after I submit my payment and release?

In most cases, you will not need to do anything. Some students (i.e. those from the military, those who are self employed, etc.) may be asked to provide the appropriate supporting documents. You will be contacted by a ReVera Services representative if this is the case.

Why do I need to send in the release? I thought Wharton already had the right to verify my application.

We do have the right to verify the veracity of information in your application at any time. This release protects you and the Wharton School by ensuring that our vendor, ReVera Services, complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

What if I haven’t yet let my job know I’m leaving?

Please contact ReVera Services with an approximate timeline and we will make every effort to ensure you are not placed in an awkward position. You should contact ReVera Services at 617-661-6146 or

I am traveling for a few months prior to school. Do I need to do anything?

It would be helpful to leave ReVera Services an email contact where you could be reached if necessary, but you shouldn’t have to do anything that is deadline intensive other than submitting your payment and the release. You should contact

Is my student status affected by the pending verification?

No. You are an accepted student at the Wharton School.

Will my Visa application status be affected by the pending verification?

No. You are an accepted student at the Wharton School.

I tried to be as accurate as possible on the application, but I just realized that some of my dates may be off a little bit. Is this a problem?

Probably not. While all information in your application should be accurate, we understand that minor discrepancies sometimes occur due to inaccurate records, faulty memory, etc. Wharton will review all findings and contact the student if there is an issue that needs to be resolved.

Dual Degree FAQs

I have been accepted to a dual-degree program – what’s next?

If you have been accepted to a dual-degree program and are registering at Wharton for the upcoming academic year, please complete the Enrollment Form. Please note that we do not grant deferrals to begin a dual-degree program at another institution. If you have any questions about your dual-degree enrollment, please contact

PennKey FAQs

What if I have not received my PennKey setup code?

Check the email address listed on your MBA Admissions application by checking the online application system. (Use the same username and password you were assigned during the admissions process.) If it is incorrect or no longer valid, please go to where you can request to have the setup code resent. Please note that this second attempt to send your PennKey setup code will be done through U.S. mail and sent to your address of record supplied in your application, not via email.

If your e-mail address is correct, send an e-mail to Charicha Ford at to inform the Admissions Office that you never received a PennKey email. We will further investigate and help facilitate the issuance of a new PennKey set-up code.

What if I forget my PennKey Password?

Reset your password using the “Challenge-Response,” option via the PennKey website:

If you did not select the “Challenge-Response” password reset option when you set up your PennKey, you will have to request a new PennKey setup code and initiate the entire process again through This unfortunately will take time as the setup code will be sent through U.S. mail to your address of record supplied in your application, not via email.

If you have discovered this just prior to Pre-Term registration deadline, please e-mail so that we may help you register for Pre-Term.

I have created my PennKey but still cannot access the Onboarding Checklist or the Waiver Module. What should I do?

Students must activate their Wharton accounts before receiving access to these platforms. Visit the Wharton Account Creator website and enter your PennKey username and password and follow the instructions to create your Wharton account. Note that it may take up to 1 business day after creating your Wharton account to receive access to the Onboarding Checklist.

What if my address has changed?

E-mail and with your new address. Please be certain to provide us with your name as listed on your MBA Admissions application. Include your new address, telephone number, e-mail address, and the date that the change will be effective.

In addition, to ensure that all departments across Penn have your most updated contact information, please first complete your Enrollment Form and set up your PennKey and password. Once you have a PennKey, you should login to PennInTouch to update your contact information. This will ensure that all departments across Penn have your most updated information.

What if my name has changed?

If your legal name has recently changed, please contact us at You will need to complete this change with the University Registrar and we will direct you. Note: The name on record with the University must correspond with your legal name and, for international students, the name on your passport and student visa documentation. If you wish to use a name other than the name on your MBA Admissions application, you may indicate this under the “Nickname” option when you complete your Pre-Term registration.