Partners and Families

Spouses, partners, and families quickly become part of the extended Wharton community. From advice and networking on housing and employment, to organized activities for family fun, you will find resources and organizations that involve and support partners and families.

Wharton Partners Club

Wharton Partners Club (WPC) is a networking and social organization designed exclusively for all significant others of Wharton MBA students. WPC organizes social, cultural, and informational activities for its members and aims to provide a smooth and welcoming transition to Wharton.  For more information please email us at or visit us on Instagram @whartonpartnersclub.

Partners Club Photos

Wharton Kids Club

Wharton Kids Club organizes activities and provides a support network for the families of Wharton students. The club helps new students and their families to adjust to their new life and make an easy move to Philadelphia. You’ll have opportunities to participate in holiday activities, play groups, family outings, and parents’ nights out.  For more information please email us at

Resources for Families

The School District of Philadelphia
Useful information for parents of children interested in learning more about K-12 public education in Philadelphia.
Resources for choosing K-12 and early education in Philadelphia, including information about public, public charter, and private schools.